Charles LilloComment

Andromeda, The Cave and the first taste of fall!

Charles LilloComment

This was our first taste of fall in south Florida. Just in time because any more rain and we would have needed to change our state nickname to the rain state!. 6 days of solid rain was followed by 3 days of perfect cool weather. I made it out to 2 of the 3 nights and was left with 2 new images to add to my growing collection. The first night I attempted to image the The Cave nebula. This dimm target is a mag- 10 DSO and not as easy as it looks to process, but I gave it my best shot. Not to bad and I'm pleased with the final results.

the Cave Nebula

The next night I went out alone to harold Campbell and again it was quite nice. I put 2 hours and 20 minutes on M31... one of my favorite targets. I have yet to shoot this one with my new FSQ-106 so I was courious to see the results. I'm please with what I got for only 2.2 hours.