Last night at my local astronomy club, The South Florida Amateur Astronomers Association, SFAAA...we held a party in celebration of the world not ending again. 

I set up my scope outside the main observatory building to do some Ha imaging to share with the large crowds we had in attendance. It was my intention to do some deep Ha exposure of Orion's Nebula but because of where I decided to set-up I need to wait until Orion cleared the trees blocking our view to the east. So to give the people something to look at, I slewed over to Andromeda and took a 200 second exposure. To my surprise it looked pretty good. So for the next 2 hours while waiting for Orion to rise I shot 10 minute subs of Andromeda in Ha. Here is the result.

Adromeda in Ha

Once Orion was high enough in the sky I put a couple hours of Ha on Orion's Nebula. This is 2 hours of 600 seconds Ha subs.

M42 Ha:12:600

M42 Ha:12:600

All in all we had a great party and it turn out to be one of our best out reach event to date