Sequence Generator Pro First Look

Sequence Generator Pro is an amazing new astronomy imaging software and so much more!  While reading a Maxim DL post about a soon to be released updated guiding routine, I saw a mention of an acronym I was unfamiliar with... "SGP". After some hunting around I found what the acronym stood for,  Sequence Generator Pro, SGP is a image capture suite with a very low price point of $100. Could this be a viable option to MaximDL? 

So far, I've installed the software (45 day free trial) and it's talking to all my hardware, atlas mount, sBig camera, Orion starshoot auto guider, and robo-focus. Getting this far was pretty painless.

Next steps will be to see how PHD2 guiding compares to MaximDL. Iit uses PHD2 for guiding but it's built into the software suite, then plate solving, and finally, running a image capture sequence.

It has some very attractive features that I've always thought Maxim should have but doesn't, to many to mention so i've added this video that is was the The Astro Imaging Channel that goes thru many of them.

Ken and Jared, developers of Sequence Generator Pro, will discuss their imaging automation software. Version 2.4 was recently released, so it's a good chance to learn about new features.

Getting Started Videos

Here we are going to look at plate solving and its uses in SGP These include 1) scope sync 2) Target setting 3) Target acquisition Also a quick look at auto focusing

A session on optimizing PHD2 guiding settings and analyzing the feedback. Presented by developer Andy Galasso.

This session will be a short interactive presentation on setting up autofocus with various configurations in SGP. If anyone is using a Moonlight focuser and refractor, I'd love to get a screen shot of your settings.

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