Chasing the Perseids

Perseids firefly

Over the weekend I went out to Harold Campbell to try and see some of the Perseids meteor shower. After setting up my telescope for a imaging run on M26, I aslo set up my DSLR to the east in hopes of capturing some meteors.

After looking at all 267 images the closest thing to a Perseids fireball was this shot of a firefly.

Peseids Star Trails

A few of the guys setting up.

The Dark Sky Meter reading wa staken after midnight.  

A shot of the Milkyway behind my scope. 

Clear skies and a crescent moon.  Taken with my iPhone

While at Fox observatory on Friday I was looking at M11 through the Meade and it looked awesome, so I desiced to give it a try on my next night out to a dark site.

Below is a shot of M26 not M11, I selected the wrong cluster in my planatry program, happy accidents. M11 will be the next target.

M26 LRGB 12x600 Lum, 20x60 RGB