Full Moon imaging

So another full Moon is keeping me from deep space imaging, well not exactly. I recently acquired a new scope, a Takahashi FSQ 106ED and I love it so much and the weather has been so nice I can't keep myself from setting up, even during the full moon and trying to catch photons.

A couple months ago I saw some very cool images taken of the Luner eclipse with the full moon in totality and stars in the background. I thought, that it looked amazing so I tried to do the same thing but during a full moon. The  only way to accomplish this was with some PhotoShop trickery.

I can already hear the purists complaining that this is not real but in fact these are 2 real images taken with the same scope during the the same night, I only used PhotoShop to superimpose the Moon over M35. I hope you can enjoy the image for what it is, a pretty picture.

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