On Friday March 5, 2010 I attempted to image M78 again, and again I failed to get anything I'm proud of. But as promissed I will post the good, the bad and the ugly. I wouldn't categorize this as "ugly" but its far from "good" so I will put it  into the bad bucket.

M78 taken with the QHY8 on an ED80 - 600x6 and 900x3 So my reason for the "bad" rating  on this one are a few things.

First and foremost is the coma, I guess I need to try another spacer distance, next time I'm going to try 35MM instead of 40MM.

Second would be the amount of noise reduction I needed to do to get it to look-half way decent. I must put more time on this one next time.

And third has to be the color, I just don't think I got it right this time.