Jupitor, the rotating of a giant

Hello All
For those interested in Planetary Imaging here is an interesting piece of data to keep in mind.
When we read how fast this giant turns on its axis we dont realize how much that is.

As I was processing my images of a couple nights ago, I realized I did 4 sets of shots (counting all 4 channels as one set for every photo) and the second and third sets of photos were separated by only 8 minutes. So consistently between the two Luminances 8 min, Reds 8 min etc.

Below you can see how this monster moves in only 8 minutes. You can definitely see the rotation if you look carefully at the white dot right below the GRS. It is clearly visible in the second photo but not on the first. Photo on the left 12:24AM. Photo on the right 12:32 AM.


Another piece of data is that each set took me 4 minutes between Luminance, Focus, Red, Focus, Green, Focus, Blue. Even when you have a filter wheel, there can and will be some difference in focus between the different filters, therefore needing to refocus. I didn't believe it until I saw it!!