The Eastern Veil Nebulae in HA

The Eastern Veil Nebulae in HA

The Eastern Veil nebula AKA Caldwell 33 is a cloud of ionized gas and dust in Cygnus, located 1470 light-years from Earth. It is part of the Cygnus Loop a faint supernova remnant that exploded approximately 7000 years ago.

From the moment the source star exploded and until now, the Cygnus Loop supernova remnant expanded to a diameter of almost 6 full moons.


Scope: SVA 130EDT
Mount: Atlas Pro with Polmaster
Tripod: iOptron TriPier
Guiding: Borg 50mm with Orion Star-shoot
Camera: sBig STF-8300m with FW8 filter wheel
Filters: Baader 32mm LRGB, HA,SII,OIII


Processing: PixInsight, Photoshop: in that order

Acquisition: SGP