GalaxyCharles LilloComment

NGC 7331 Group

GalaxyCharles LilloComment
NGC 7331 Group

Deer Lick Group

NGC 7331 Group is a group of galaxies in the constellation Pegasus. Spiral galaxy NGC 7331 is the brightest member of the group. This group is also called the Deer Lick Group, and contains four other members; NGC 7335, NGC 7336, NGC 7337 and NGC 7340, affectionately referred to as the "fleas".


Scope: Celestron EdgeHD 8

Mount: Atlas Pro with Polmaster

Tripod: iOptron TriPier

Guiding: Borg 50mm with Orion Star-shoot

Camera: sBig STF-8300m with FW8 filter wheel

Filters: Baader 32mm LRGB, HA,SII,OIII


Processing: Maxim,PixInsight,Photoshop: in that order

Acquisition: SGP