Cosmic Concert for Global Astronomy Month 2017

Music composed and performed by Giovanni Renzo.

Images and videos by Kathleen Horner, Gary Varney, Charles Lillo, Albert Barr, Jose Bellas, Ruza Marija Mostarac, Valentin Grigore, the Amateur Astronomy Selenology Project (Robert Reeves, Avaní Soares, Michael Mantini, Abhijit Juvekar, Paco Yepes, Mariusz Wysocki, William Pellissard, Giorgio Albarello, Robert Spellman).

Poems by Julia White, Harley White, Nancy Gallop, Cristina Ciurez, Francisco José Pinto Pires, Bob Eklund from the Astro Poetry Blog of Astronomers Without Borders.

The new edition of the Cosmic Concert, an online musical performance for Global Astronomy Month 2017, performed by the Italian pianist and composer Giovanni Renzo. Cosmic Concert 2017 is a collection of compositions and improvisations conceived as a visual and poetic exploration of the universe.