Last night 4 of us made it to HC, Miguel, Fernando, Prabakar and myself. The night was clear of any coudes but the seeing could have been better. I spent my time imaging the Iris.

Here is 2 hours of 10 minute Luminace binned at 1 and 2 hours of 5 minute RGB's binned at 2


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Center (RA, Dec):    (315.417, 68.175)
Center (RA, hms):    21h 01m 39.990s
Center (Dec, dms):    +68° 10' 29.821"
Size:    1.86 x 1.43 deg
Radius:    1.174 deg
Pixel scale:    2.68 arcsec/pixel
Orientation:    Up is 82.8 degrees E of N