Hey guys I managed to get out on Wednesday and Thursday of this weekend and gathered some RGB data to add to my HA data on the Elephant's Trunk. This
was my first attempt at RGB and it was defiantly harder to put it all together than OSC data. This is one of several different ways to compile HA/RGB and I'm I going to give a few more a try until I find one that I like.

The Elephant's Trunk Nebula in HA,RGB,

click here for higher rez

Optics FSQ-106ED F/5

Camera SBIG ST8300M CCD Camera

Filters Astrodon Gen I

Dates Octobert 9, 10, 11, 13, 2012

Location Davie/HC

Exposure HaRGB = 460:120:120:120 minutes

Acquisition TheSky (Software Bisque), Maxim DL/CCD (Cyanogen), FlatMan XL (Alnitak)

Processing Photoshop CS5 (Adobe), PixInsight, Maxim