Last night -06-09-2009 Albert, Jose Pitti and I went out to Harold Campbell. Arriving around 8:15 I had plenty of time to set up in the day light, always a nice treat. I decided to use the use my ED80 because of the wind but that turned out to be a none issue as the wind died down nicely later that evening. Having set up with the wide field equipment I set out to find a couple targets that would justify that set up. I settled on M81 and M82 early on, here is the resulting image (hours exposure, 10 minute subs)
 Later on in the evening the milkyway began its rise in the east but we had to deal with plenty of sky glow and some haze so the resulting image of the Lagoon and Trifid nebulas are a bit soft but I really like the field of view... (8 minute subs x 8 exposures)
All in all we had a great time chatting and looking thru Jose dob, thanks Jose the was a nice treat!