Last night I rushed to get out to 51 before dark and just made it. Fred and Manny were already there, the sky was clear but we had some wind.  Wasting no time, I set up and slewed to my target for the night, The Witches Head Nebula. After framing things up I realized I would need to do a meridian flip after only 30 minutes on this target so on to plan B the Rosette. 30 minutes into my run on the Rosette we had clouds roll in and so I stopped imaging and waited until they passed, 40 minutes later, things cleared up and things were going pretty good so I stayed on it for an additional hour, for a total of 2 hours. I didn't get enough time on the very dim Witches Head so that one will have to wait for the next clear dark sky. Here is my result for the Rosette.

Exposure time 600x12 OSC
Imaging Scope- Orion ED-80
Capture, guiding and stacking software-Maxim
Post processing software - Photoshop