Nikkor 80-200 ED Lens/ M25C combo

Recently I've been on the hunt for a faster refractor. I currently own an ED80 f/7.5 and a StellarVue f/7 both of which are great and with a reducer I can obtain f ration in the low 6's or even 5's. But after working with my hyperStar at f/2 that left me wanting more. Looking on astromart I found a few nice scopes but just did have the cash flow to get anything. I then noticed an ad for a Mogg adaptor for Nikkor lens and thought why not lets give this thing a chance, so i bought it. A couple day later i had my new f/2 system set up.

Atlas Mount

Nikkor 80-200 ED lens/m25c camera

ED80 Guide scope

My first night I did several test and settled on putting the lens at 135mm and f/4.5. This combo yielded the best results by far giving me nice fast light gathering and the round star to the very edges of my chip.

So now with that data in hand I went to a local dark site and put some time on a DSO, The Heart and Soul Nebula. The image below is not exactly what I hope for but its a good start. After an hour or so of images i noticed that i was dewing up and I think that is the cause for the haze over the image but aside from that the stars are nice and round and I defiantly got a lot of data.

 I think this setup will eventually lead to some really nice widefield images once i fiure out ha focus system to use on it.

Heart and Soul M25C/Nikkor lens combo