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G2-8300 ccd camera

G2-8300 ccd camera


New model G2-8300 was added to the G2 series of cooled CCD cameras for low-light imaging applications.


The KAF8300 CCD detector, used in the new camera, corresponds to the so-called “4/3 standard” and its imaging area 18.1 × 13.7 mm is the largest of all detectors used in the G2 series. High resolution (more than 8 MPx) and relatively small pixels (5,4 × 5,4 μm) makes this camera ideal for use with short focal length telescopes (or with ordinary photographic lenses). This camera is also ideal for high-resolution imaging of microscopic samples.CCD Chip: KAF8300 Resolution: 3358 (x) x 2536 (y) Pixel: 5.4 um CCD (W x H): 18.1 mm x 13.7 mm Mask: Mono AD Converter: 16 bit Filter Wheel: No Guider Port: No

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